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Who we are

We are developing websites in Good Looking, Best Quality, Dynamic , Mobile compatible web design & web development in Coimbatore. We can design a Word press website with responsive. We also do Domain registration, Email & hosting services in affordable price.

As a proactive web design company, Shalom web solutions has a standard record for quality product and services which focus on its core area of web designing, web development and internet marketing. With a team of experienced designer and analyst, we provide excellent and innovative websites that meets your requirement.

We present the most creative and innovative website design which are attractive, professional and user friendly at predictable price. Our primary objective is customer satisfaction followed by completing the project on time and deliver to customer. Also the support team are ready to service you before and after the project is completed.

Creating a website is not alone to reach your customer but it must be ranked at the top of the page by pushing back your competitors’ website. Our dedicated team of analyst research on your website and optimize to hit top rating in every browser and reach your target audience. This will generate you more lead and enhance the growth of your business.

We help our clients to envisage, look forward and create opportunities to increase their business. Also we understand our clients to gauge their needs and fulfill their expectations. Our primary goal is to enhance our self to innovative technology and servicing our clients with quality and satisfying their needs.

Our experience

Our market focus spans a vast range of project types. Each one demanding unique, client-focused solutions.

When you partner with us, we want you to feel confident you have made the right choice.



Shalom logo depicts its vision  ” We intend to be the recognized webdesign company among all companies in worldwide within short period


Our Mission also hidden message in our Shalom Logo, “To help the customers to reach their business all over the world.”

Wordpress Statistics as on February 2020

% of web is powered by WordPress
Million New Posts Each Month
Times searched Every Month in Google
Million unique visitors per month, WordPress is more visited than Twitter.

Principles of our work


We create websites based on customers products or services.


Our websites are true to yourself and would do nothing that demeans or dishonors you.


We create an impressive website, people are more likely to think highly of your business


Our innovative designs have all been chosen for their unusual navigation’s, out of the ordinary layouts or clever uses of animations and effects.

Our clients